Thursday, July 12, 2012


We've just checked into our hotel in Portree on the Island of Skye ... and the sun is shining and there's barely a cloud in the sky! Beautiful country around here. Skye boasts of mountains, formed from volcanoes. People vacation here to hike, bike, sail, and simply bask in the beauty and quiet. We'll soon be joining in doing our own walking.

The finished sock

Close up
Meanwhile, just to keep this blog on topic, last night I finished the first of two of a pair of socks for Hadan. Socks are an easy knitting project to take while traveling. And this time, I've actually written down the pattern, which I'll post when we return.

But I almost didn't keep the sock. On the bus ride back from the Orkney Islands on Tuesday, I pulled out my knitting. The woman across the aisle from me oohed over the stitch. When I told her it was socks, she volunteered that she was a size 7 and quite rightly pointed out that it would be quicker to finish for her than for my husband who obviously took a larger size. I promised if I finished by the time we got to Inverness I'd give it to her. Alas for her, the trip wasn't long enough.

OK, time to check out the city and hiking trail.

Reah Janise

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