Sunday, July 8, 2012


Outside of K1 Yatrns in Edinburgh 
Getting ready to purchase
Greetings from Scotland!

My husband, Hadan, and I have escaped the 100 degree temps in Washington, DC in exchange for 57 degrees and rain. ... And that's OK with us.

I've been anticipating this vacation (celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary) and the opportunity to check out some Scottish yarn. (Even though my stash is groaning under its own weight.) Bu how can a knitter travel to Scotland and not buy yarn?

We only had one full day scheduled in Edinburgh -- and there's so much to see and do. We'd checked out places ahead of time and I found a yarn shop that was in the area, just off the Royal Mile in the City Centre.

K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique is located at 89 West Bow, a street about two blocks long. It's not the easiest street to find, so if you are ever in the area just be persistent because it's worth it. K1 stocks some lovely Scottish yarns.

The staff person was kntting socks (yeah!) and was very helpful and sweet. Unfortunately I forgot to get her name.

Anyway, since we are going to two other cities in Scotland, I had to discipline my fingers and only purchased two kinds of yarn, a royal blue for a sweater, and a multi for a shawl. The multi comes from the Orkney Islands and is a special hand-dye.

Despite the rain, drizzle, wind, and cool weather, it was a great day.


Reah Janise

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