Wednesday, July 11, 2012


At Inverness Castle overlooking the River Ness
(yep, it's lovely)
Picking up some undyed (isn't this a gorgeous brown!)
 North Ronaldsay yarn in Kirkwall, 12 Victoria Street.
Here we are in Inverness, a lovely city in the highlands of Scotland. The River Ness is just a couple of blocks away, as is the city center. The city is very civilized with two close pedestrian walkways across the river along with two bridges for cars (and people).

We spent Monday exploring and doing a lot of walking. The temp never got beyond 56 degrees Fahrenheit and it was windy. Had I had the right set of needles, I might have knit myself a hat!

Unfortunately knitting does not seem to be much of a creative outlet here. I had read some blogs before we left and one woman had said her mother was trying to revive knitting in the area. Her store was short lived and the one we found was a bit of a disappointment.

However, yesterday we toured the Orkney Islands and I found a luscious brown wool, undyed. It all came from the same sheep. This flock lives on North Ronaldsay, the northernmost of the Orkneys, and they graze on seaweed. I'm thinking something along the lines of a jacket. Yummy.

This afternoon we'll start looking for Nessie. (here girl!)


Reah Janise

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