Saturday, July 28, 2012

MADE IN SCOTLAND (and over the Atlantic)

First of the pair completed in Inverness.
Second one completed over the Atlantic on the return flight.
Click here for pattern.
Close up of the pattern stitch. Click here for pattern.
I wouldn't be much of a knitter if I didn't take a project along with me whenever I travel. Socks are the easiest to travel with because the project doesn't take up too much space. My only problem is that I inevitably drop a needle on the airplane floor or between the seat cushions or in some other weird area. My beleaguered husband then frets while I try and retrieve the needle or cable hook or whatever little piece of equipment for which I am on the hunt.

After dropping needles twice on the recent trip to Scotland and (oh no!) breaking one of the wooden double pointed needles (the first ever!) (yeah for that extra needle), I have decided that the next pair of socks will be made with two circular needles. Then hopefully the worst I can do is drop a cable hook or a stitch.

Meanwhile, I started and finished a pair of socks for my dear husband on the Great Scottish Yarn Expedition of 2012. Even better, I've posted the pattern should you want to knit a pair for yourself or some other lovely person.

I'm now finishing the sweater I'd started before this trip. One last sleeve to go!

Happy knitting-ing!

Reah Janise

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