Sunday, November 17, 2013


Well I've found another fun thing to knit. In between socks and sweaters, I found a really sweet set of patterns for felted slippers. Slippers were how I was introduced to knitting because my grandmother always knit slippers for her grandchildren. She would have us place our feet on a piece of paper and would draw a pattern. That's all she needed. This was a pattern she had in her head. While I've looked at slipper patterns on an off over the last few years, one came through Facebook that were so darling that I just had to try them.

The e-book is by Cat Bordhi and is called The Art of Felfs: Felted Footwear for families. It is downloadable from Ravelry for $20, the proceeds of which go to support Dr. David Krag, a cancer researcher.

The designs are fun. I started with the quick-start felfs to get the hang of the process, and I must say that they are absolutely going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. I already have in mind Christmas presents for some friends.

In the meantime, I completed a cardigan for a friend for her Christmas present. Unfortunately as she reads my blog, I can't post a picture. But once I give it to her and take pictures, I will be posting it and the pattern.

Happy felfing to all!

Reah Janise