Saturday, January 19, 2013


Last week I wasn’t sure which new project to start, so I started both. The shawlette, however, was going to take longer because I was designing it, which is a painstaking process. So I set the shawlette aside to try the felted bag. (I’ve really wanted to make one for some time, so I was pretty much just looking for an excuse.)

Ready to go!
Rather than purchasing more yarn, I dug through my stash and found two full skeins of yarn leftover from two sweaters. The yarns and colors were similar enough that it seemed they could be knit together as stripes. One skein would only make a small bag and I wanted a size that would carry more than my keys and wallet.

Another design consideration was a pocket. Inside seemed best. One pattern I looked at made the pocket first and then knit it into the purse. I chose to add the pocket after, which also works.

I contemplated felting the strap, but thought it might be too springy. Several of the felted bag patterns I’d looked at used chains. However, I discovered that it can be tricky finding the kind of chain you want. I found a 38 inch chain at a craft store and two ¾ inch D-rings. I chose to use a button to close the purse. And since I also sew, I have a stash of buttons, one of which fit pretty well. (A great use of stray buttons!)

Striped Felted Bag
And now just a week later, I’ve got a new bag! (Pattern is here.)


Reah Janise

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