Sunday, January 6, 2013


So many ideas! But what, oh dear, to do?

I've just finished a pair of socks for my husband and now my mind is jumping around with all sorts of ideas on what to do next. Should I work out a sweater design with one of my Scottish yarns

Or should I try a felted bag? For some time, I've had my eye on knitting a felted bag. I've enjoyed sewing bags and I have several orphan skeins of worsted wool that might just do the trick. Having never done it intentionally, I'm rather intrigued with felting. Something new.

Multi-Blue Yarn Shawlette

Yarn for felted bag

But then I have some yarn that would make a really sweet shawlette. In fact, I have several yarns that would make great shawls and shawlettes.
I also bought some yarn to make my dear husband a sweater.

Oh, and I have friends who are expecting twins.

Pondering my predicament,

Reah Janise

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