Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sparkly Shawl

 This will be a short post -- Christmas is approaching and there are so many gifts to complete!!! -- but I wanted to share, finally, my own shawl design.

The great thing about shawls is that they don't require too much yarn. I had made a rectangle shawl for a friend a few years ago. (I didn't know how to do triangle shawls at the time.) It turned out quite lovely, and I had four skeins remaining, which I thought would be a perfect amount for making my first triangle shawl design. And it was!

The yarn is Australian Merinos Lamé. The color is rosina, kind of a maroon. Each ball is 50 grams, 175 yards. As the lamé might tell you, this yarn has a silver metallic thread running through, so it makes for a dressy shawl.

I have started writing up the pattern, but will have to share it at another time.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos.


Reah Janise

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