Sunday, October 21, 2012


Holden Shawlette knit with Wandering Wool.
I'm in the midst of several knitting projects. Two are sweaters for my nephews who live in Ohio. Because I want to make sure they fit, last week I mailed the body of the sweaters, loosely stitched together at the sides and shoulders, to my sister-in-law to have the boys try them on to make sure they fit and also to get her to measure arm length for each with the boys with the sweaters on.

In the week since mailing off the sweaters, I started and finished a shawlette using a skein of Wandering Wool's North Country Sock yarn. The colorway is Lapis Lazuli. The pattern was Mindy Wilkes' Holden Shawlette.

I used size 5 needles and was able to get in one extra row, but ran just inches short of being able to do the picot finish (which takes a very long time both to do and to rip out). Argh! It still looks wonderful and I hope the person who gets this as a gift will feel the same.

The previous shawlette I'd knit with this same yarn (and pattern), different colorway, used size 6 needles.

I'm excited to start my next shawlette project, which I've already planned, and which will use one of the Scottish yarns purchased just for making a shawlette.


Reah Janise

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