Thursday, August 2, 2012


Four little birdies waving at you.
Knitting allows for many types of expression. Lately people around me have been having babies. Well, it's always fun to make a sweater, blanket, booties, even a bonnet for a baby. But last fall I came across a cute toy design in Ravelry. Rebecca Danger designed Chubby Chirps. They are adorable, and one can easily be knit one in the evening after work.

The other great thing about them is that you get a chance to use up yarn scraps. I made a slight modification on the first one I knit and liked it so much, as did everyone else who saw it, that I stayed with it. Basically I added hair. Yes, I know, birds don't have hair. But, look at what you can do with it! I even made dreadlocks for them.

I also move their wings so that they looking like they're waving. They also kind of remind me of the Adipose babies from Dr. Who. (Oh!, just discovered there are Adipose baby crochet patterns available, just Google Adipose babies Dr Who.)

Anyway, I've lost count on how  many of these I've made since then, but I have given them to a children's shelter, adults, friends, newborns, and even one to my mother who is in long-term care. I just made a new batch and finally took a picture.

If you decide to try them--and want to add hair--just keep all of your ends, like the cast-on tail, the tail left from sewing on the wings, nose, and eyes, and the tail once you sew up the top of the head. I bring them up through the top of the head. Crochet the tails to make dreadlocks.

Oh, if you are making it for a baby, make sure you anchor the wings. Babies love to pull on them. Fortunately I'd done that for the first baby recipient.

Sock yarns make the tiniest birds. Add a loop and it can be a Christmas ornament!

Having fun,

Reah Janise

P.S. Meanwhile, I signed up for the Ravellenic Games on Wandering Wool's team to knit something during the Olympics. Have had to set aside finishing the sweater for my husband (I keep making changes to it!) which was close to being done before heading off to Scotland.

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