Sunday, June 10, 2012


Reah Janise & Zip Lock Sweater


I've been a long-time knitter, having learned the craft from my grandmother and sister. Over the past decade or so have begun designing my own patterns for sweaters and socks. I'm still learning this process and thought it might be fun to share some of the designs with others--along with the challenges.

Thus far my biggest challenge is getting this website to work properly. Somehow I recently erased the original welcome text while trying to insert a button link to a sweater pattern. (sigh)

The other challenge has been actually getting the patterns in a shareable format. Transferring from handwriting and graph paper onto digital takes almost as much work as figuring out the original design (and it's just not as much fun). Be that as it may, that's part of the purpose of this website.

I love knitting, especially giving a knit creation to family, friends, and others. And for you who come to this site, I hope you too enjoy this wonderful craft and how it enriches your life.

The Zip Lock Sweater featured on this page is not my first design, but it is the first design where I've put a pattern together. It's also the first time I've installed a zipper (a little tricky, but fun!) and my first successful use of Fair Isle. It took a while to really understand the best way to work two colors across a row to get the proper tension and not bunch. Thanks to my sister for her advice on that!

And with that,


Reah Janise

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